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As you walk across Nigeria today, you will observe a new trend of LPG plants popping up all around in petroleum filling stations, small land spaces, Major Plants, Bulk terminals are coming up, increased number of LPG trucks on the road and many write-ups are littered across the internet about the LPG industry, this is as a result of many individuals that are shifting from kerosene and to using cooking gas. The major challenge for the old and new consumers of gas is the fact that the gas plants are not close enough for them which creates a vacuum which entrepreneurs can take advantage of and create value in the sector by brings gas closer to the consumers.

The LPG industry in Nigeria has a value of NGN152 billion ($500Million) with less than 10% already being harnessed. Nigeria is at that point we were in the 1970's when the populace made a massive switch from firewood to kerosene stoves because it was the most convenient domestic fuel at that time. 


here are many factors that go into determining the retail price of LPG in Nigeria. These all fluctuate over time. Kiakiagas.com constantly review all of these factors to make sure that we put out competitive prices.
NLNG is the major supplier of LPG to the Nigerian market. The country currently has 21 Off-takers who are designated buyers of the product from NLNG saddled with the responsibility of distributing the product to the local market as NLNG is not interested local distribution of LPG
The following should help explain all of these factors…

  1. World LPG Bench-Mark Pricing
  2. Exchange Rates
  3. ·Shortage of Discharge Terminals, Storage and Distribution Infrastructure
  4. LPG Transportation and Logistics Costs
  5. Seasonality of product

Now lets look at it one after the other

Gas Vs Electric Stove: Which Is Really More Efficient

We all have choices and are free to wield it as we wish. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to exert our God given right when we do not know better. It is nice to be able to make choices, that is what the human rights activists are fighting for but it is better to know what choices to make. In the place of making a choice between gas and electric stoves, a lot of factors have to be considered. For instance, some areas that experience little or no power interruption have more opportunity to choose than areas that experience interruptions often. The implication of this that areas where power is not frequently interrupted

Ultimate Guide In Cleaning A Cooking Gas BBQ

A good day to all barbeque lovers like me, we all know there is no better way to spend your free time with friends and family than to be with a slice of barbeque and our favorite drink.But we cannot do this without having a fill functioning grill.
Now basically we have two types of grill; the gas-propelled one and the charcoal one. For the purpose of this article, we will be talking about the gas-propelled one. Not only is it faster, it is also safer. Though a bit more expensive, it is worth every dime.Generally, it is acknowledged  that cooking gas grills have very tough skins and are very durable but then if not regularly maintained, its durability could be compromised.

How to Start A Cooking Gas Business in Nigeria

A recent study shows that Nigeria consumes 110,000MT of cooking gas per annum. What is the implication of this for the Nigerian entrepreneur? It shows simply without a doubt that cooking gas business in Nigeria is a risk what delving into in Nigeria. Nigeria is as well-known, one of the oil producing countries in the world. Apart from that, it has been known to derive a larger percentage of its revenue from oil. Petroleum products also globally are an aspect of economy that you can never go wrong with. Now, of all petroleum products, gas seem to be the least estimated. As a matter of fact, statistics conducted some years ago showed that the only about 5% consumption potential of LPG was used.

How Safe Are Cooking Gas

Cooking gas, known scientifically as liquefied petroleum gas, is perhaps one of the most popular fuels for cooking apart from kerosene and it is gradually usurping the position of kerosene as the preference of people is shifting towards gas. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Cooking gas although not cheaper than kerosene, is a cheaper option at the end of the day because it lasts longer and cooks food faster, thereby saving fuel.
A lot of people now liken using kerosene to be penny wise, pounds foolish because at the end of it all, one would end up spending more money than what one was trying to avoid by not using cooking gas.


How LPG Is Produced and Stored

In case you were wondering, LPG is really just a fancy name for the usual cooking gas you know. It is an acronym that means Liquefied Petroleum Gas, so you need not worry about it being some big term you have no need for.
With the untrustworthiness of electricity, many people have resorted to finding an alternative for cooking. Imagine the horror of cooking in the night, completely famished and the power goes off. Therefore, to be the wiser, a lot of people have found other means and most settled for cooking gas because it is ultimately cheaper and also cooks food faster.

7 Reasons Why Gas Oven Is The Best For Cooking

Gas ovens are the best alternative to electric ovens, fueled by LPG (butane or propane). Cooking gas oven is the way to go for those who want a clean and pleasant cooking experience Cooking Gas ovens have long been used in commercial settings. However, the numerous benefits of cooking gas over other forms of energy make it an attractive choice to homeowners. See why the 7 advantages you may want to consider


The Key To Less Stress And More Happiness In The Kitchen

Having an organized kitchen is essential to having a beautiful cooking experience, especially when preparing your meals with cooking gas. It can be frustrating when you realize that you are short of an important ingredient, half way through working on the entire recipe. Neighbours can only spare a few eggs and some extra cups of sugar. 


A lot of people now liken using kerosene to be penny wise, pounds foolish because at the end of it all, one would end up spending more money than what one was trying to avoid by not using cooking gas. 

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