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The Brazilian market is a mature market. Brazil has 42 million Households. 95% use LPG. The consumption of LPG in Brazil currently stands at 7.3millionMTPA (metric tonnes per annum). There are 21 distributors and 65,000 sellers, trading 100 million cylinders and serving 42 million homes. This network covers the entire Brazilian territory and ensures the supply to 39,900,000 households. In 2008, Brazil consumed 6.7million MTPA and consumption grew 8.21% in 10 years to 7.3million MTPA in 2018.When compared to the Nigerian Market

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Local consumption of LPG (cooking gas) can create 20,000 millionaires and help the government solve the unemployment gap in the country. It will create approximately 9000 business owners across the country;
each of the plants will employ at least 2 people which will create 18,000 jobs. The trucks will need a driver and 2 motor boys (truck driver assistants) which is an opportunity for another 2625 jobs.  The support businesses like mechanics for the trucks, LPG (cooking gas)plant installers etc that will spur the local economies around these businesses.


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The total population figure of Kogi state at the National population census 2006 shows a total human population of 3,278,487 with 641, 556 households.

Dividing the human population by the number of regular households, it shows that the average family size per house hold is 5.

3,278,487people/ 641, 556 households = 5 people per house hold.

From our retail experience, the average consumption of LPG for a family size of 6 in Nigeria is 20kg, so from the data in Kogi, the average family size in Kogi is 5 which translate to 16.6kg worth of cooking gas per house hold a month.

Annual Consumption: 16.6kg X 12months = 199.2kg

This research focuses on converting housholds that use Fire wood and Coal:


Energy Equivalence of 1kg of LPG to:

Firewood: 6.5 – 10.8 kg

Charcoal: 10.2 – 29.7 kg
*Source National Gas Policy

Taking the weighted average for the purpose of this research

Firewood: 8.65kg

Charcoal: 19.95kg

*This figure will be used to determine the amount of wood than be saved to positively impact on the environment as we go on.

The number of homes using firewood and coal is 447, 561 (2006 census) and 604,207 (2016 projections) which translates to

447,561 homes X 199.2kg= 89,154,151kg (89,154MT) worth of gas for domestic consumption alone

604,207 homes X 199.2kg= 120,358,034kg (120,358MT) worth of gas for domestic consumption alone.

A weighted average of the two consumption figures above was used to get the potential market size of Kogi state below:

Kiakia Daily Global Clean Energy And Gas News Round Up

Weather models indicate that there could be one last period of extreme cold weather before spring arrives. This suggests that natural gas prices could be well supported – which is good news for suppliers and producers.
Summary:      Damilola Kuteyi
Cover:            Daniel Afotan

Kiakia Daily Global Clean Energy And Gas News Round Up

The West African Gas Pipeline (GOA) which was first announced following a meeting between King Mohammed VI and President Muhammad Buhari of Nigeria, is expected to link Nigeria to Morocco along 5000km, serve 12 African countries and about 300 million potential consumers. About 40 organizations however, have signed a statement calling for the cancellation of the pipeline in the interest of the people and planet. The groups which include Friends of the Earth, and Oil watch believe the project will increase the debt burdens of the concerned countries and will increase consumption of fossil resources. 
Summary:      Damilola Kuteyi
Cover:            Daniel Afotan

Kiakia Daily Global Clean Energy And Gas News Round Up

Oil & Gas explorer gets board approval to develop fields off Isreal’s shores
Energean Oil & Gas Plc, a Greek oil and gas explorer, has gotten the approval of its board to develop 2 fields – Tanin and Karish natural gas fields- off the Isreali shores which will supply gas to the local Isreali Market. The company has already secured long-term gas agreements with some of the largest private power producers who have contracted purchases of a total of 61 bcm of gas over 16 years. Energean estimates that the supply of gas will start in the first quarter of 2021.
Summary:      Damilola Kuteyi
Cover:            Daniel Afotan

Kiakia Daily Global Clean Energy And Gas News Round Up

Indian Government to increase gas price
Over the next week, the government of India is set to increase the price of gas to the highest level it has been over the last two years. This is following a pricing custom where natural gas prices are set every six months based on average rates from gas-surplus nations like US, Russia and Canada.
Summary:      Damilola Kuteyi
Cover:            Daniel Afotan


As the Nigerian 2019 General elections is within the horizon, citizens of the world and indeed Nigeria must task our leaders and aspiring leaders to articulate their plans to stop the death of 95,000 Nigerian women who die annually from the use of dirty fuels and discuss how they will implement plan to encourage accesibility of domestic gas and clean energy for all in line with the UN sustainable development goals 7.
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